Monday, March 16, 2009

The Analogous Project

I have just started soliciting talented (and I mean TALENTED) artists from my local community and from around the world to join me on a collaborative book adventure. Here are my first three artists. I promise, just one visit to their shops and you will see why I chose them!

The Analogous Project artists will choose one from the collection of short "poems" (think Edward Gorey and Shel Silverstein) I have written and create an image (or allow the use of their existing image) to tell the story of the little rhyme.

Introducing the first three artists:

Evan B. Harris "Helm and the Harpsichord" Shop link:

Kelly Louise Judd "Two Canaries Original Oil Painting" Shop link:

Lisa Hurwitz "Mother and Son" Shop link:

More coming soon!


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