Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gobet - Latte Artist

My brother Jacob makes "Latte Art" and sends me the pics from his iPhone - here's his latest email:

Subject: Mmmmm
> My boss said to me after I made this, "where's your manhood?". To which I said, "I spent a year in combat as a paratrooper and Infantry teamleader, I don't need to prove my manhood to anyone, if I want to make lattes and latte art I WILL!". He said "fair enough, I'll have one, it looks good".


Incidentally, Jacob is actually a gifted mixed media artist/sculptor...but this seems to be his passion right now! Lol...My brother is awesome.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Aloe Ta-dah!

Soooo Eddie, Enso and I repotted over 50 (yes 5-0) aloe plants, I left seven big ones in the red pot. Unfortunately, Lowes didn't have the pots I needed so I had to put them in flimsy plastic ones for now (life support) a few days I will undertake the adventure of putting them in their real homes and making them look pretty outside. Enjoy! Let me know if you would like to adopt one...or more...

I think I can...I think I can

As mentioned on Twitter and here for your viewing pleasure...the GIANT aloe plant and her offspring...the one in the brown and white pot is a rescued "baby" - there must be over one hundred more "baby" plants in the red's going to be painful but I am determined to do it today...